The Disappointing Reality of NYC’s Chinese Restaurant Decor

Like most things in Men in Black, this restaurant does not exist.

Like most things in Men in Black, this restaurant does not exist.

If you ever watched a Men in Black, The Fisher King or that episode of Seinfeld, you may have a certain idea of how a Chinese restaurant in New York should look. Red walls? Big golden statues? A wall that’s a fish tank? Well, of course, there’s always Congee Village, but for the most part, New York’s finest Asian eateries look nothing like their Hollywood counterparts, according to

The post really has a problem with tourists who specifically want to eat at a restaurant like the one from Men in Black:

But I really wish they’d realize that the reason they think New York is filled with MIB-style Chinese restaurants is not because of reality, but because of what they’ve seen in the movies and on TV. For a city that has nearly everything, there’s a LOT of alternatives to choose from, and I really hate having to fake the few things it doesn’t have just to do the same cliche over and over and over and over …

We’ve never encountered that exact complaint before from visiting friends or relatives, as they are usually more worried about other issues. “What’s that sign mean, ‘Grade Pending?'” or “These aren’t real frog legs on the menu, right?” But then again, we don’t run into a lot of people whose suspension of disbelief in films goes so far that it becomes a sort of guide to the real world. If you do happen to see one of these folks, kindly direct them to the nearest sound stage and tell them to enjoy the craft services.