To Do Wednesday: Hairs of the Dog

Susan Miller.

Susan Miller.

Today should be a national holiday in recognition of the two-day hangover. Let’s raise a glass of something—anything—to the enduring collective headache. And cheers to New Year’s Eve, whether you were in Millbrook for shooting and scotch (on scotch on scotch)or in Palm Beach for a party hosted by the Coconuts—that super-special club of just 24 men, including David Koch, Leonard Lauder and Wilbur Ross—wearing a carnation and a white jacket for the occasion.

Whatever you did on December 31, yesterday was a joke. A joke with a punch line of nausea. You remember, don’t you? Think heavy curtains and an order of mozzarella sticks with a side of bacon, followed late in the afternoon by a hamburger chaser at JG Melon, the Upper East Side favorite frequented by Old Boys and ladies who actually lunch.) But today … today is when the real pain happens. You’re back to work, with a whole year ahead of you. Make the most of it!

Before you plunge back into the scrum, however, maybe surf over to Susan Miller’s website, Astrology Zone. As every female knows, she updates on the first of the month, which we’re guessing you missed. Reading your horoscope online is the best way to be proactive about 2013 without lifting a finger … well, maybe your index finger.

JG Melon, 1291 Third Avenue; Susan Miller’s horoscopes can be found at