Booting Up: Happy Birthday to You, 2013

Cerf. (Wikipedia)

Cerf. (Wikipedia)

Vint Cerf is wishing the modern-day Internet a happy 30th birthday today. [Google]

Reddit had 37 billion page views and 400 million unique visitors in 2012. [Reddit]

If the New Year left your brain feeling like this GIF looks, we sympathize. [Daily Dot]

Here’s a trend to watch for in 2013: Companies are pretending they want employees to spend some time away from their electronic devices. [NYT]

The new year will bring documentaries that aim to tell the history of Silicon Valley on public television. Again. [AllThingsD]

Lost in the hubbub over Hewlett-Packard’s $8.8 billion loss on Autonomy was word in the company’s 10-K—filed quietly during the last week of 2012—was a hint that CEO Meg Whitman may start spinning off businesses. [Bloomberg]

Did we mention that New York City’s techies have New Year’s resolutions? [Betabeat]