YouTube Blocked the George Clooney-Cindy Crawford Bed-Hopping Video. Does YouTube Hate Us?

Stars: They're just like us, except when it comes to unblocking their sexy videos.

clooney YouTube Blocked the George Clooney Cindy Crawford Bed Hopping Video. Does YouTube Hate Us?


George Clooney generally enjoys a reputation as a classy fellow, the kind of movie star more likely to associate himself with global humanitarian campaigns than cheesy brand marketing. And so it came as some surprise that the Oscar-winning actor had a) launched his own tequila brand, called Casamigos, and b) recorded a promotional video in which he’s shown waking up in bed first with Cindy Crawford, then with Ms. Crawford’s husband, Randy Gerber, who is Mr. Clooney’s partner in the tequila brand. (Mr. Clooney’s girlfriend Stacy Keibler also takes a turn beneath the sheets with Ms. Crawford.)

Well, if Mr. Clooney didn’t mind whoring himself out for the marketing effort, it sounded like a good plan. Then again, the best laid plans can go astray, even without a belly-full of high-end tequila. According to the New York Post, YouTube blocked the post for a period of five hours over the weekend. The Post is unclear on the cause of the block, citing the ad’s racy content and a software glitch on the part of E! Entertainment.

Of course, YouTube’s reasons for blocking the video aren’t what matter here; what matters is that Mr. Clooney got on the phone and got the video up and running again, and we can all ogle the bed-hopping foursome to our hearts content.

Thanks George!