30 Rock Is Over and All We Have Left Is a Tub of Melting Ben & Jerry’s Yogurt

Pop Tart-flavored ice cream would have ruled. (NBC)

Pop Tart-flavored ice cream would have ruled. (NBC)

If last night’s finale of 30 Rock left you feeling a little bit unsatisfied, get used to it: the show has now been cemented in history with a Ben & Jerry’s flavor that was unveiled during the last episode, and let’s just say that it’s not Americone Dream. It’s no Late Night Snack, either. It’s not even Cherry Garcia, that ol’ pun.

You want to know what you’ll be eating through your tears during a marathon session of whatever NBC is playing on Thursday nights now? (We believe it’s that new show, “Man With Face in His Hands,” correct?)

Frozen Greek yogurt? Really? Isn’t it bad form to create a flavor and name it after a character who would never eat said flavor, and would probably stand against frozen yogurt on principle? (There’s definitely a clip out there. Internet, find it!) We’re pretty positive this is a retaliation for the show’s shout-outs to Carvel, McFlurries and all those Jane Krakowski web commercials for Breyer’s.

On the other hand, at least lemon-flavor FroYogurt, like Liz Lemon, isn’t trying to pretend it’s something that it’s not. Unlike you, FroYo Phish Food, which has remained untouched in our freezer, a silent testament to our refusal to be taken in by the frozen yogurt industrial complex. Blurgh.