Booting Up: Turns Out Everyone Else Has Watched ‘House of Cards,’ Too


You’ve got lots of company in your obsession. (Photo: Melinda Sue Gordon/Netflix)

Netflix says “House of Cards” is its most-watched program ever, but refuses to pony up any numbers whatsoever: “I honestly have no motivation” to give them out, the company’s chief content officer told attendees at the D: Dive into Media conference. [AllThingsD]

Apple reportedly has a team of around a hundred developing the company’s own Dick Tracy watch this very minute. [Bloomberg]

This could be awkward for Tim Cook, who’s on the board of Nike, home of the Fuelband. [Business Insider]

Meanwhile, Google is laughing all the way to the bank: The company could reportedly make $5 billion on ads viewed on tablet devices last year. [Wall Street Journal]