Booting Up: Marissa Mayer Would Like You to Meet the New Yahoo

(Photo: Top News)

(Photo: Top News)

Marissa Mayer introduced Yahoo users to a “new, more modern experience” for finding “the best of the web” in a blog post early this morning. [Yahoo]

Ever dream of founding the next Apple, Facebook or Twitter? That might be a long shot. But if you act fast, you can probably get your computer hacked by visiting the same website that compromised the recently-hacked tech giants. [AllThingsD]

“We used to have these ads, I’m a Mac and I’m a PC, and the Mac was always the cool guy,” Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak told Bloomberg. “And ouch, it’s painful, because we kind of are losing that.”[Bloomberg]

Apple’s lead designer Jonathan Ive dropped some knowledge on a British children’s television show. [Quartz]

“You cannot be cross-shopped on Amazon is like e-com 2.0,” said Thrillist CEO Ben Lerer. [PandoDaily]