Booting Up: TechStars Now Has an Outpost in Chicago, Too

Just a day after naming Eugene Chung the successor to David Tisch as New York managing director, TechStars has announced it will buddy up with Excelerate Labs to establish a Chicago foothold. [TechStars]

How safe is Kim Dotcom’s new Internet lockbox, Mega? Good question. [The Verge]

Apple TV will reportedly get HBO Go later this year. [Bloomberg]

In addition to attacks on the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal was also infiltrated by Chinese hackers, and they tried to get into Bloomberg News. At this point, we’re starting to feel left out. [Wall Street Journal]

Hacking attacks by the Chinese have, in fact, become such an issue that President Obama is reportedly considering “a range of actions” to deal with the problem. [AP]