Christie defends not attending Trenton gun rally, says he gets ‘thousands’ of requests to appear at events

TRENTON – When hundreds of Second Amendment advocates rallied on the Statehouse steps Friday morning the group’s president told reporters he hopes to sit down with Gov. Chris Christie in the near future to talk about the group’s mission.

Christie, who was originally thought to be attending the rally despite members of his administration denying a promise was ever made, told reporters Friday he’s yet to receive an invitation to talk.

“I haven’t heard that they requested that,” Christie said after being asked if he would agree to sit down with members of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society.

Christie said he wasn’t able to appear at the rally earlier today because of a scheduling conflict.

The announcement came after the group’s president, Frank Fiamingo, announced the governor planned on attending the event.

Fiamingo said he recently spoke to an administration scheduler who he said confirmed the governor’s attendance, “barring a last minute scheduling conflict.”

A spokesman for the administration denied that Christie had ever confirmed his attendance, saying the governor gets hundreds of requests to speak and not all can be honored.

“I get lots of different requests for lots of different appearances,” Christie said Friday.

“As you can imagine, I get thousands of requests to appear … places every week,” he said.

Christie said he would “certainly be willing to consider their request” to discuss the group’s core mission statement.