Booting Up: When the Lights Go Out, Twitter Goes Nuts

There are lots of other things you could do instead.

There are lots of other things you could do instead.

Things could be going better for flash sale sites: “It’s a classic case of investors and entrepreneurs not really understanding how an industry operates.” [The Verge]

How are we supposed to know if Netflix’s expensive original TV show, “House of Cards,” is a hit or a miss? Good question. [Vulture]

Twitter was mentioned in 50 percent of Super Bowl commercials. That’s a lot of free advertising. [Marketing Land]

Speaking of: Did Oreo have some poor designer on call last night? Because when the lights went out halfway through the game, the company’s Twitter team was ready with an appropriate ad. [BuzzFeed]

Generally speaking, Twitter users went bonkers during the blackout. That’s when tweets for the event peaked, at 231,500 per minute, most of them terrible jokes about Bane. [CNET]

Former CNET staffer Greg Sandoval, who left out of concern over interference from corporate overlord CBS, has landed at the Verge, the site that broke the news of Mr. Sandoval’s departure. [New York]