If These Men Were Cats, and This Train Was a Giant Cardboard Box, This Video Would Be Way More Adorable

This is why you never sleep on a subway going through the aurora borealis (YouTube)

This is why you never sleep on a subway going through the aurora borealis. (YouTube)

TGIF, right? Sometimes you need to just take a giant nap on the floor of the subway because it’s late at night and apparently everyone else is asleep as well. OR: Another possibility is that the sleeping passengers were the only ones left after the L train went through the aurora borealis, which everyone knows from The Langoliers has the nasty side effect of erasing anyone who happens to be awake during impact.

We’ll withhold judgement until Improv Everywhere releases a video from the cave headquarters and claim sresponsibility for the snooze attack.

But just to be on the safe side, we’d advise these sleepyheads to wake up and start running. Avoid Balki at all costs. You know, normal stuff.

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