Microsoft Has a Little Valentine’s Day Message for Gmail Users

"You're getting scroogled."

scroogled1 Microsoft Has a Little Valentines Day Message for Gmail UsersToday happens to be a certain Hallmark holiday, the fact of which the tech world has hardly failed to notice. It’s not just dating sites and assorted fun-lovers looking to peg a story: Microsoft, which has been sniping at Google’s privacy practices in a series of ads over the last few months, decided to unveil the latest in its Scroogled campaign.

In an animated web video posted here, a pair of mail trucks cruise down a suburban street. The first truck, representing Google, gives way to a mail carrier armed with x-ray vision (or maybe Google Glass?) peers into an envelop, scans a keyword off the enclosed letter and uses the keyword to select a pair of coupons, which are slipped in with the letter.

On the other side of the street, the mailman carrying for Outlook, delivers a letter unopened, and proceeds to polish the mailbox.

It’s not subtle, but then, what about Valentine’s Day is?