Morning Read: 'An Indication of Being Much Less of a Democrat'

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Headline: “Heart-Warming Moment of the Day: Mourners Applaud As Ed Koch’s Coffin Is Carried Out to ‘New York, New York.’”

Both The New York Times and The Jewish Daily Forward have looked at former Mayor Ed Koch‘s relationship with Judaism in recent days. “He has his own rules on religion,” George Arzt, Mr. Koch’s longtime friend and former spokesman, explained. “He’s Jewish, but he attended Mass. He believes that God hears prayers if they are in Greek, Latin or Hebrew. …. His Jewishness is mixed with a deep, abiding respect for Catholicism.”

While on Inside City Hall, Bronx Congressman José Serrano reflected on Mr. Koch’s relationship with minority communities. “There was always, not a love-hate relationship, but a difficult and respectful relationship,” Mr. Serrano said. “Some of us at different times were very supportive of him and then we had disagreements at other times. The interesting thing about Ed Koch was that even when he disagreed with you on an issue, and he was very adamant about it, he’d find–or calculate, I’ll never know–another issue that you could agree upon.”

It looks like Bronx Assemblywoman Vanessa Gibson will indeed run for the seat held by outgoing City Councilwoman Helen Foster, as she registered a campaign committee for the bid yesterday. DNAinfo previously reported Ms. Gibson was under pressure to run from parts of the political establishment. Should she pull the trigger, Ms. Gibson would be one of many Assembly members seeking the Council this year, joining Rafael Espinal, Alan Maisel and Micah Kellner.

A couple days ago, the New York Post fingered Queens Assemblywoman Vivian Cook as complicit in State Senator Shirley Huntley‘s admitted scheme to embezzle state funds. For her part, Ms. Cook now says the suggestion was “a bunch of crap” and “nonsense.” She further added, “Stealing money from taxpayers or from anyone else is not something I would ever do … It doesn’t make any sense.”

Last, State Senator Rubén Díaz had a busy day yesterday, blasting both the Senate Republicans for cutting his office rent budget and the breakaway Independent Democratic Conference for defining abortion as a make-or-break issue for Democratic ideology:

Look Who’s Talking

You should know that Senator Jeff Klein, the leader of the Independent Democratic Conference in the New York State Senate has made the following statement – and I quote: “If you are a real Democrat, a real New York Democrat, then you must defend a woman’s inherent right to choose.”

Apparently, for Senator Jeff Klein, a “good” Democrat is only one who supports the killing of unborn babies – even through dismembering those creatures even up to 9 months when they are a full living being. (Never mind that there are Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Evangelicals and thousands of other Democrats in New York State who oppose the killing of babies.)

You should know that there is an old saying in Puerto Rico, and maybe here too: “Las palabras se cojen segun quien las dice”, or “Look who’s talking now.”

You should also know that a person like Senator Jeff Klein, who has gone against the will of the people of State of New York who elected 33 Democratic Senators, giving the Democrats the opportunity to be the leaders in the New York State Senate – cannot be talking about how to be a good Democrat!

You should know that a Democrat who has joined with the Republicans and who has taken away the command and mandate given to the Democrats by the voters of New York State to lead the New York State Senate, has no standing to dictate who is a real Democrat, who is a good Democrat, and who is not.

I never heard Senator Jeff Klein criticize or condemn Governor Andrew Cuomo, the leader of New York State Democratic Party, when the Governor publicly supported Republican Senator Steve Saland against Democratic candidate Terry Gipson for the New York State Senate. I believe that what Governor Cuomo did is an indication of being much less of a Democrat than anyone who opposes the killing of babies. By the way, the people did not listen to the Governor and Senator Saland was defeated by Gipson.

You should know that the message Senator Klein is sending to all those good, honorable and decent people who oppose abortion in New York State is that they are not good Democrats.

So to all those Catholics like Cardinal Dolan, to all those priests and parishioners, to all those Jews, to all those Muslims, to all those Evangelicals, to all those Pentecostal Ministers, and to every elected official and every Democrat in New York State, Senator Jeff Klein is sending all of us a message: If you don’t support the killing of babies, you are not a good Democrat.

I would like to give my advice to Senator Jeff Klein and to those who think like him: A real Democrat caucuses with Democrats – not with Republicans.

This is Senator Reverend Rubén Díaz and this is what you should know.

Morning Read: 'An Indication of Being Much Less of a Democrat'