Nevermind E-Cigs, All the Cool Kids Are Getting High Off the E-Joint


(Photo: Stonerama)

(Photo: Stonerama)

If you think you look cool puffing on a metal approximation of a cigarette, then prepare to have your mind blown: you could actually be getting stoned while looking that chill. Wow, have you been missing out.

E-joints are mini vaporizers that come packed with a wax form of THC and are shaped like cigarettes. They’re cropping up all over the Valley, according to the Voice. Because they’re smokeless and odorless, you can discreetly puff on them in smoke-free zones, like at your startup’s standing desk.

E-Joints are so magical they might even replace every Redditor’s favorite portable vape, the Magic Flight Launch Box, which is about the size of a pack of gum and works off of rechargeable batteries. Plus, an E-Joint is only $25 and comes packed. And when your parents find it while you’re home over the holidays you can just tell them it’s an artisanal USB drive or something.