On the Market: Queens Condo Record; Condos Edge Out Rentals; Oldest Fifth Ave. Townhouse Not Long for This World

NJ Transit’s preventable train losses from Sandy rise to $450 million. [Record]
Oldest UES building on Fifth Ave. is on the chopping block. [TRD]
The View breaks Queens condo record with $3.1 million sale. [TRD]
Are Ratner and the Met Council going to try for SPURA together? [AY Report]
Long Island College Hospital safe…for a few more days, at least. [Crain’s]
Jared Kushner picks up more of the East Village. [TRD]
Brooklyn Bridge Park will be delayed so it can be Sandy-proofed. [NYP]
Construction company charged in schools scam [NYT]
MTA to do G train analysis. [NYDN]
FiDi owners fortify their buildings against the next storm. [NYT]
Art venue opens in Maspeth. [DNAinfo]
Condos gain in Manhattan at the expense of renters. [NYT]