Quartz Publishes Super Secret List Of Pulitzer Prize Judges

url-12The mysterious deliberation process to decide which journalists and publications are going to be able to add “Pulitzer Prize winning” to their name began today up at Columbia University.  And to celebrate, Quartz published a list of some of the journalists (many of them Pulitzer Prize winners themselves) who will help decide the fate of their fellow journalists. The list is supposed to be kept secret until the awards are unveiled, but apparently even Pulitzer Prize winning journalists are terrible at keeping their mouths shut.

“We regard any jury list as confidential and do not condone its release,” Sig Gissler, the administrator of the Pulitzers, told Quartz in an email. But Quartz, who noted that they didn’t enter despite being elgible, is willing to live without Mr. Gissler’s condonation.

The list is most likely a partial one–Quartz posted the names of 44 members of the nominating jury and last year there were 77 in total. But the Atlantic’s business site included their titles and affiliations, so enterprising journalists will know where to send presents and flowers and big wads on unmarked bills.

Just kidding! Paying off the jury is no way to get a prestigious prize for journalism. Right?