Rex Reed Got a Shout-Out in Last Night’s Oscar Telecast [Video]

MacFarlane on the Oscars last night

MacFarlane on the Oscars last night.

Maybe it’s because he called Ted “creative, adorable, ingenious and devilishly, thigh-slappingly hilarious,” but our own Rex Reed made one for the history books last night by getting his own joke during the Oscar telecast. Host Seth MacFarlane, referencing Mr. Reed’s recent controversial review of Melissa McCarthy Identity Thief, told the audiences that “Rex Reed will be out here to review Adele’s performance of ‘Skyfall.'”

This line got a huge reaction on Twitter, as it was meant to. But the smartest insight into the joke’s not-so-insidiously-clever bait and switch came from Venture Brothers and Henry Fool actor James Urbaniak:


On the other hand, has a critic ever gotten a shout-out from the Academy Awards before?

It goes without saying, Adele put on an incredible performance.