The Musical Stylings of Kai, the Hitchhiker Who Stole Our Hearts With His Hatchet

Kai sings "Old Wheel" (YouTube)

Kai sings “Wagon Wheel.” (YouTube)

Remember Kai, the brave hippie with who put his trust in the wrong racist Jesus while hitchhiking through California? You know … Kai? Dude who has brown hair? Headband? Carries a hatchet everywhere he goes? Yeah, okay, we’re talking about the same guy.

Well, it turns out Kai is a multi-talented man. Not only can he give a great interview, and hit people over the head with a small axe hidden in a knapsack, but he’s a musician as well. We know! Who would have thought Kai would have turned out to be such a fan of Sublime and Old Crow Medicine Show? Well, besides everyone.

Kai on the beach singing “Wagon Wheel”:

We assumed Kai loves OCMS because they are from North Carolina, and from what little we can gather from the YouTube comments, Kai spent some time at a community college in the state. Furhter research, however, indicates that he went to Concord University in West Virginia, and now is now a “HomeFree hitchhiker” in Eureka, CA.
And here he is playing an original(?) tune:

And inevitably, the Gregory Brothers remix:

And from his public page on Facebook, here is Kai singing “Seed” by Sublime: