The Paul Janka Experience: New York’s PUA Poster Boy Makes Cash Money, Infomercials (Video)

Coming to a 3 a.m. near you! (YouTube)

Coming to a 3 a.m. near you! (YouTube)

For those of you both old enough to have been reading Gawker during its “microcelebrity” phase–when being a huge jerk/desperate scenester in the city was enough to warrant 24/7 coverage–might remember the name Paul Janka. Paul Janka was a pickup artist, or a “PUA.” He wrote a 19-page PDF called “Getting Laid in NYC,” which just sort of ripped off tips from the seduction community at large, which is in essence just different forms of teaching men self-confidence but also Ladder Theory. Then he wrote a book, The Attraction Formula, which appeals to exactly the type of person who thinks sexual attraction can be explained and manipulated by this guy.

Anyway,for as many women as he claimed to have boned (250 or so) in his 2007-2009 heyday, he was also a creep who deflected some serious attempted rape charges and then bragged about it on Dr. Phil.

For the past four years however, Janka has been off the grid. We assumed he met an inevitable fate in a Thai prison, but the slick-haired stubble-puss love-child of Dylan McDermott and 80s soap star Don Diamont resurfaced last month in Austin, Texas, giving an interview to Highbrow Magazine. Obviously. Obviously that is the correct publication for Mr. Janka to make his comeback. So, what has he been doing for almost half a decade?

He’s been getting super rich, if his word (and the magazine’s) is to be believed., where the PUA sells his book as well as tickets to his seminars on skeeving out ladies, wasn’t making much money until 2011, when “everything changed.”

After hiring a fulltime ad-buyer to generate website traffic, the business began bringing in the bucks with 1.2 million dollars in sales and Janka anticipates 2012 ending similarly. Although primarily Web-based up until this point, Janka was recently in Los Angeles shooting an infomercial that could begin hitting the late-night airwaves usually reserved for super-charged blenders and wearable blankets in early 2013.

So…by “everything changing,” we really mean Mr. Janka “hired someone to buy advertising and raise traffic.” That’s pretty mundane. But whoa-my-god, Paul Janka infomercials? Is the world really ready for this? Are late night infomercials really still a way to make money? Aren’t there enough sexually dangerous men talking to you late at night to begin with?

Well, maybe not, since Vince Offer left ShamWow to start beating hookers and making hi-larious movies with Adrien Brody. It looks like a position just opened up, Mr. Janka! And no, that’s not what she said.