Tiny Space Violin Needed for Saddest Quora Question Ever

"Can you cry in space?"

(Photo: Terry Irwin, Art Flakes. Prints available  here.)

(Photo: Terry Irwin, Art Flakes. Prints available here.)

Astronauts may be the closest thing we’ll ever get to super heroes, but even they get a little down sometimes. One curious Quora user decided to take to the platform to ask a terribly depressing question: Can you cry in space?

Turns out that you can, but not the way you’d think. A NASA engineer popped into the thread to say that because there’s no gravity in space, tears don’t fall downward. You have to continually wipe them from your eyes, because “they just pool, obscuring vision.” Another user pointed out that it can even be painful to cry in space. So sad 😦

Our favorite answer is a little more philosophical:

Conversely, it is impossible to not cry in space. The magnificent splendour of the universe consumes you and leaves you in permanent visible awe. You are tiny. You are insignificant. You are dust. And so you cry.

Nothing like some galactic real talk to make you feel like a weepy astronaut.