To Do Thursday: A Lily Among the Thorns

hires_Majesty_IRB pr

Majesty (2011) by iona ROZEAL brown.

Artist iona ROZEAL brown (that’s how she spells it; remember how k.d. lang was in all-lowercase?) is influenced by hip-hop music, kabuki and Japan’s ganguro girls, who traipse around Tokyo’s shopping-saturated Shibuya district with faces tanned dark brown and hair bleached as white as snow. Naturally, Nicki Minaj’s squeaky songs are strumming through our brain. Ms. Brown’s opening at Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art features five new paintings, including a diptych measuring 5 by 8 feet: about the size of Ms. Minaj’s posterior. As well as Japanese street-style trends and hip-hop, Ms. Brown is also enamored with shunga, the Japanese tradition of erotic art, so leave the kiddies at home. The title of each work is loosely based on the verses of the Song of Solomon and hip-hop rhymes. A mashup of Toni Morrison and Grandmaster Flash? Hopefully coming to iTunes soon. There is a private dinner for the artist after, so pull out that Nicki Minaj costume you nixed last Halloween.

Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art, 37 West 57th Street, (212) 517-2453, 6-8pm.