William Shatner Now Just Arguing With People on Reddit

"So this is what you are afraid of? An actor not wanting to answer your horse/duck questions and wanting to promote their movie? ;-)"

(Photo: Comicbook.com)

(Photo: Comicbook.com)

William Shatner, the Priceline spokesperson best known for his timeless role as the sexy/fearless/fearlessly sexy Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek, recently joined Reddit. And, as happens with many Reddit newbies, he has been immediately sucked in, perhaps to the point of obsession. In fact, dear Mr. Shatner appears to be spending a not insignificant amount of his precious time arguing with people on Reddit. Stars: they’re just like us!

Mr. Shatner made the tech press a couple weeks back with his impassioned discussion of the darker side of Reddit, including the casual racism and misogyny that permeates subreddits large and small. “Reddit has been the first ‘mainstream’ site that I have been to that actually appears to allow racists and other hate mongers to group, congregate, incite and spread their hatred,” he wrote shortly after joining.

A review of his username page reveals that Mr. Shatner hasn’t quit there. He’s been spending an awful lot of time in r/StarTrek, r/SciFi and r/Entertainment arguing with fellow Redditors.

When, for example, Mr. Shatner posted a video to several subreddits that showed his Priceline costar Kaley Cuoco in a series of outtakes, many Redditors took issue with his flagrant self-promotion, saying the video was sponsored by Priceline. “Oh OK. Where’s the logo? It’s a ridiculous assertion,” he shot back. “So going on your logic then the ISS video I posted on my phone call to the ISS was sponsored by the Canadian Space Agency? Or maybe Priceline is now offering rooms on the ISS so that was just a 30 minute infomercial?”

The entire comment thread has since been deleted, but evidence of Mr. Shatner’s love of arguing with people on the web still lives on in his Reddit user profile:

I keep oscillating back and forth wondering if people do this for karma, cruelty or ignorance. Thank you for the article. I did read it but if you go look I’m not here to do an AMA. I answered the Duck/Horse question that is the only question that seems to count….

So this is what you (colloquially not specifically) are afraid of? An actor not wanting to answer your horse/duck questions and wanting to promote their movie? 😉

For the record, Mr. Shatner said he wouldn’t fight a horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses.