A.J. Daulerio Will Consult For BuzzMedia

A.J. Daulerio. (Photo: Facebook).

A.J. Daulerio. (Photo: Facebook).

Looks like former Gawker editor in chief A.J. Daulerio has figured out his next step. Mr. Daulerio, who announced his departure from the site in early January, will spend the next three months consulting for BuzzMedia, Fishbowl LA reports.

L.A.-based BuzzMedia, which owns Spin magazine (and announced that they would stop printing back in December) and more than 40 pop-culture websites, recently confirmed that they laid off 20 percent of their 250 person staff. 

“Our sources tell us Daulerio will work closely with executive vice president of programming Mike Porath to devise a cohesive new battle plan for the company’s portfolio of websites,” wrote Fishbowl LA., adding that Mr. Daulerio’s three month consulting stint was announced at meetings in both LA and New York this week.

“This is the right move for the site in 2013. As for 2014, who the fuck knows?” Mr. Daulerio wrote in his January farewell email to Gawker staff. “You should keep that attitude and continue to make this site work for you right now. That’s what makes it fun.”

It’s true. Who the f#@k  knows about 2014? But for the next few months, looks like Mr. Daulerio is making it work.