A Velodrome Grows in Brooklyn: Long Live the ‘Fresh’

A Velodrome. (YouTube)

A Velodrome. (YouTube)

It is very dangerous to ride a bicycle around the city and Brooklyn. Cars are everywhere, and you really need to where a helmet, no matter how silly it looks, because people will purposely open car doors into the bike lane (how messed up is that)?

Finally, however, Bushwick has found a solution: a Velodrome, which is an indoor racing track that, according to Brokelyn writer David Colon, is pretty hardcore:

Unlike the uh, thrill (?) of standing on the side of the road during a marathon cycle race, you don’t have to wait to have the race pass you by to see anything exciting in velodrome racing. It’s more like watching NASCAR, but without the potential for being maimed by a gigantic piece of a car. And yes, there are crashes too.

Which is pretty much like saying that driving on the L.A. Freeway is too dangerous, so we should all register for the Daytona 500. Ooh, maybe James Franco will be the Velodrome Grand Marshall too! Especially if we get a little version like this one from London: