Ask An Expert: Meet Jonny Bauer, Chief Strategy Officer from Droga5

jonnyBauerToday is our final installment of “Ask an Expert” and your last chance to get free tips from leading industry experts. We’re featuring Droga5’s chief strategy officer, Jonny Bauer. Droga5 has been named Agency of the Year three times and Jonny is responsible for building and overseeing strategy there, including all brand, digital, media and IP thinking for the agency. He is a member of the American Advertising Federation Advertising Hall of Achivement and a winner of multiple Effie awards, including one for the launch of JayZ’s book Decoded.

Check out the work they have done with UNICEF and HELP bandages, which Adweek called, ” an ingenious way of spurring marrow-donor registrations.”

Don’t miss your chance to get his advice. From 1pm to 2 pm today, he will be answering your questions one-on-one in a live video chat. Feel free to get Jonny’s feedback on your logo or ask him about an upcoming campaign, it will just be the two of you. While you wait, check out previously filmed videos from our “Ask an Expert” series.