Bye Bye, Barbara: Trailblazing TV Journalist to Retire Next Year

Barbara Walters (Photo: Getty Images)

Barbara Walters (Photo: Getty Images)

Earlier today, Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva learned that Barbara Walters, the 83-year-old trailblazing TV journalist, would announce her retirement in May of next year.

Still, it wasn’t entirely clear if the news was definite. “Walters had been determined to leave on her own terms,” Ms. Andreeva wrote, “so it is unclear whether revealing the plans would make her change her mind and whether she would go for full retirement or keep some TV presence with occasional appearances and specials.”

But since then, a person familiar with the matter told The Huffington Post that Ms. Walters is indeed planning to bow out next year.

And one source told the New York Post: “There will be an announcement about her retirement soon.”

We hope Ms. Walters is planning a flashy exit. We can think of at least one Barbra Ms. Walters could learn from to make it memorable.