Bet Bitcoins on Whether or Not an Actual Human Girl Will Show Up to a Montreal Bitcoin Meetup

A REAL girl!

(Photo: Bitcoin Talk)

(Photo: Bitcoin Talk)

Bets of Bitcoin is an anonymous platform that allows users to make bets on current events–everything from hockey to war with Iran to aliens–using the peer-to-peer digital currency Bitcoin. Users place Bitcoin bets on yes or no answers to statements, and the earlier you bet the more BTC you can win.

The prediction market launched back in August 2011 and has for the most part operated under the radar since then. Though online gambling is still technically illegal in the U.S., betting with Bitcoin, which isn’t recognized as an official currency, protects the anonymous operators and bettors from legal action.

Though many of the bets revolve around international events, our current favorite is whether or not an actual living, breathing, human girl will show up to the next Montreal Bitcoin meetup on April 27th:

The bet returns agree if user and host adamstgBit reports a female human attended and shows a picture taken at the time, the picture and female attendance is then verified by another forum user and attendee with >100 posts and who joined before november 2012 that indeed the female did attend.

We’re happy to say the bets are currently in favor of the statement, meaning Bitcoin bettors really do think a female person has a good chance of showing up to the meetup. So you’ll only win big if you bet against the statement and no ladies attend.

What glass ceiling?

(h/t Ben Regenspan)