Man Who Got Porn Site Logos Tattooed to His Face Now Somehow Regrets That Decision

(But he'll take $1M for a penis tattoo.)

(Photo: The Next Great Generation)

(Photo: The Next Great Generation)

Billy Gibby, the Alaskan man who rose to Internet prominence for changing his name to “Hostgator Dotcom” and being paid to have porn website logos tattooed to his face, is actually starting to regret that completely reasonable decision.

The 32-year-old Mr. Gibby began fulfilling his destiny of becoming a walking porn site billboard in 2007, when he started getting paid $75 to $1,000 to get facial tattoos of website logos. He now boasts 24 facial tattoos for companies like and XXXhomevideo, and several on his back, arms and hands.

Mr. Gibby told the Anchorage Press that he was suffering from bipolar disorder when he made the decision to get the face tats, and now that he has a handle on his condition, he wants to have them removed. The problem? The procedures to have them all lasered off are pretty pricey. So Mr. Gibby is doing what he does best: auctioning off the rest of his body to the highest bidder.

“I have space on my arms, hands, chest and the legs,” Mr. Gibby offered.

Any enterprising porn sites hoping to convince Mr. Gibby to ink his penis or butt, listen up: “I’d need $1 million to do that,” he said.

Dick tattoo advertisements: Isn’t that what venture capital was made for?