Booting Up: TelePod is a Terrible Name

(Photo: Scroogled)

(Photo: Scroogled)

According to a former Apple ad man, Apple considered naming its phone offering a bunch of really terrible names before settling on iPhone. These names include “Telepod,” “Mobi” and “Tripod.” Whoever convinced them to go with iPhone is basically a hero. [9 to 5 Mac]

Here is another story about the origin of emoji, which made this Android phone owner only slightly more bitter. [The Verge]

Google is working to build a competitor to the wondrous Amazon Prime, with a same-day delivery service called Google Shopping Express. Wonder whatever happened to eBay Now? [TechCrunch]

Oh good, Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign is here to stay. [CNET]

The Boston Startup School is launching a branch in New York called the Startup Institute. [The Next Web]