Booting Up: The Blog Who Cried Facebook Phone

Shalom Ouya! (Photo:

Shalom Ouya! (Photo:

How taxing: New York’s highest court ruled yesterday that out-of-state online retailers have to charge New York state tax on customers. [CNet]

Everybody (read: tech journalists) is VERY excited for Facebook’s upcoming announcement about its “new home on Android,” which will presumably feature huge walk-in closets, updated kitchen appliances, and a spacious backyard. Or maybe it’s a phone. [Business Insider]

Twitter cofounder Biz Stone is set to announce his newest start-up called Jelly. No one knows what it does, except that it’s something to do with mobile technology. [AllThingsD]

Ouya, the $99 Kickstarter-backed game console, will launch on June 4th…and looks like a dreidel. [Wired]

Egyptian police said they arrested three divers who were trying to cut an undersea Internet cable, presumably because they didn’t want House of Cards to end. [BBC]