Bruce Willis Pays $8.8 M. for U2 Bassist Adam Clayton’s El Dorado Pad

We hope Mr. Willis has a more pleasurable stay at the El Dorado than he had at Nakatomi Plaza.

We hope Mr. Willis has a more pleasurable stay at the El Dorado than he had at Nakatomi Plaza.

Last time Bruce Willis tangled with a tower, his Die Hard character escaped from the clutches of a German terrorist group with only his trusty Beretta sidearm. We hope his stay at El Dorado at 300 Central Park West, where he just picked up a co-op apartment, is less eventful.

The four-bedroom spread was rumored to be in contract for $8 million, according to New York Post, but as in The Sixth Sense, there’s a twist at the end of this purchase: Mr. Willis and wife Emma ended up paying $8.85 million for the fourth-floor unit, according to city records—a bit over the asking price of $8.695 million. (Even celebrities, it seems, can’t buy a co-op without listing their name on the need! Or maybe they just wanted the tax abatement?)

Speaking of the asking price, you know a celebrity buy has serious wattage when the seller, U2 bassist Adam Clayton, barely even gets mentioned. But Mr. Clayton is indeed the seller—perhaps he’s following U2 frontman Bono down the street to the San Remo?

Meanwhile, back al Dorado, the Willises will be making their home in a fourth-floor unit, once broken up into two rental apartments but recombined to its former glory by Mr. Clayton in the ’90s. Mr. Willis’s new apartment apartment features a 38-foot formal gallery—”ideal for exhibiting art,” according to the listing, held by Halstead brokers Emma and Michael Kerins. Or sitting in your underwear and getting into flamewars on the internet, as the case may be for Mr. Willis.

The original floor plan included four bedrooms, though as the unit is currently configured it features just three—but these are no ordinary bedrooms, with each containing a walk-in closet and en-suite bath. The master is situated in the corner, with both a view of the park (though the fourth-floor unit isn’t quite above the tree line) and a south-facing view. Dying hard is exciting and all, but there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep.