Chrome Extension Replaces Every Instance of ‘The Cloud’ With Far Superior Phrase ‘My Butt’


This is what comes up when you Google image search "Butt-shaped cloud." (Photo:

This is what comes up when you Google image search “Butt-shaped cloud.” (Photo:

All innovationed-out following too many humblebraggy tweets about the tacos at SXSW? Feel like you might puke the next time you hear the word “panel?” This might’ve been the year of the hardware startup, but we’re sure there were scores of bright-smiling marketing people in matching startup t-shirts preaching the gospel of the cloud.

Luckily, some hardworking developer named “panicsteve” has posted a delightful Chrome extension on GitHub that will forever rid you of the evilness of “the cloud.” The “cloud-to-butt” extension does exactly what you think it does: every time the phrase “the cloud” appears in your browser, the extension automatically replaces it with the phrase “my butt.” Genius?

Fellow engineers have already jumped into the fray with similarly amusing pull requests. One user suggests that every time “cloud storage” appears it’s automatically replaced with “butt storage.” Another wants to change “/.aaS/” to Ass, naturally.

Innovation, indeed.