Clarissa Darling Will Come Back To Explain It All

A still from Clarissa Explains It All.

A still from Clarissa Explains It All.

Clarissa Darling, the title character of Clarissa Explains It All, is back, and she is going to try to explain some things in a new novel for those who identify with the characters on Girls and are nostalgic for their not terribly distant youth.

Tentatively titled Things I Can’t Explain, the novel, which has been acquired by Thomas Dunne Books editor and Macmillan Films head Brendan Deneen and is set for publication in Fall of 2014, will show the original explainer as she navigates emerging adulthood, EW’s Shelf Life reports

And like many spunky young heroines before her, the now 23-year-old Clarissa is trying to be a journalist (maybe she should have consulted Michael Wolff first).

“The novel will follow the 23-year-old Clarissa as she tries to carve out a career as a journalist and deals with the obstacles toward becoming a real adult: finding and keeping a job in a turbulent economy, the luxury of a first apartment without roommates, figuring out how to deal with parents all over again, and unexpected feelings for a really cute guy who — of course — has an on-and-off again girlfriend.

Being a twenty something aspiring journalist with boy problems, roommate problems, money problems and parent problems sure is hard. But thankfully for all the Hannah Horvaths of the world, Clarissa Darling is coming back. Hopefully, no editors will suggest she try coke and blog about it.