Booting Up: Eric Schmidt Now Has Even More Money for His Next Adventure Vacation

Is this (now-pulled) YouTube video a real advertisement for Google Now for iOS? That’d give Google Search on your iPhone a major upgrade–not to mention giving Siri a run for her money. [Engadget]

Eric Schmidt gets a $6 million bonus on Friday. Where does the chairman of Google make it rain? [Business Insider]

Peter Thiel would like you to check your “indeterminate optimism.” [ReadWrite]

“Think of it like that time the internet believed Tony Danza had died because Twitter said so—specifically, by having fallen off a 60-foot cliff in New Zealand. Except in this case, Tony Danza is your life savings, and the cliff is your broker’s IQ.” [Motherboard]

Apple just tangled with the labor laws of France and lost. [The Verge]