Booting Up: Your Fingers Will Be All In Your Face with Google Glass

Only models look this good in Glass. (Photo: Google)

Only models look this good in Glass. (Photo: Google)

“Our time as an industry of just hard workers is over.” Steve Blank sees wannabes all around. [Forbes]

Researchers say your unthinking “likes” on Facebook say stuff about your personality. No! Tell us more! [L.A. Times]

China says it’s willing to parlay with the U.S. about cyber security. [Reuters]

Demos at SXSW suggest that if you get Google Glass, you’re going to spend a lot of time swiping and flicking around your face. [Quartz]

In other SXSW news, techies took time to talk immigration. [Bloomberg]

Colin Powell’s Facebook got hacked, spewing posts both juvenile and anti-Bush. We like to imagine the general walked off and left his laptop open, a classic college freshman move. [Gawker]