Frieze New York Announces 2013 Sounds Program

Kristen Davis emerging from a BMW Hydrogen 7. (Vince Bucci/Getty Images)

Kristen Davis emerging from a BMW Hydrogen 7. (Vince Bucci/Getty Images)

What will you be listening to in the VIP BMWs at Frieze New York this year, you’re wondering? Frieze provided the answer today: sound works by Trisha Baga (who just had really great shows at the Whitney and Greene Naftali), Charles Atlas and the New Humans (the combined talents of Mika Tajima and Howie Chen) and Haroon Mirza. These works, known as Frieze Sounds program, were selected by Cecilia Alemani, the High Line curator. For those sans VIP cards, the sound works will also be available via Frieze New York’s website and at a listening station within the fair. Here’s a bit more about what each has in the works, via the release.

Ms. Baga:

….will present Hercules Radio, a sound work that remixes sounds from disparate sources including Hollywood movie scores, everyday noises, ominous weather channel forecasts and voiceovers in several different languages.

Mr. Atlas and the New Humans will:

…extend their collaboration into a new aural experience, utilizing electronically fractured vocals by Atlas and Tajima. A poem-like babble of unrelated words, the work articulates the flow of global materials, information and people extracted from distant places and made readily accessible and mundane – the soundtrack and backdrop for urban island life.

And what of Mr. Haroon Mirza?

…Mirza will work closely with the fair environment and with the noises generated by visitors to the fair. Microphones installed inside the fair’s tent will absorb background noises and the sounds of people moving through the booths, bringing the listener to focus on that universe of unheard voices that pervade public spaces.

Frieze runs this year from May 10 through 13. If you’re a VIP, though, you’ll likely be attending a day earlier, on May 9.