Grumpy Cat Is Already Having a Better SXSW Than You

And you think YOU'RE tired.

Grumpy Cat won't stand for anything less than the best.

Grumpy Cat won’t stand for anything less than the best.

It’s virtually impossible to stand out at SXSW, hence elaborate/obnoxious marketing stunts. You could mail out a bunch of sweet potatoes, but it’s probably more expedient to just hire a celebrity.

Which explains why Internet sensation and blogger spirit animal Grumpy Cat is currently in Austin, Texas. 

TMZ (yes, TMZ) says Grumpy Cat’s manager (!) told them the frowning feline is in town on Friskies’ dime for a photo shoot and an appearance at SXSW. And she is getting better VIP treatment than just about anybody:

Grumpy flew first class … and she’s been living it up …  her own, full-time assistant to brush her, an endless supply of Friskies as well as other treats, bottled water and her very own room at a four-diamond hotel … king-sized bed included.

We eagerly await a “Grumpy Cat Frowning at Free Tacos” photo series.