Hot New Tech Accessory: Fake Google Glasses That Don’t Actually Do Anything

OK Glass, destroy these people.

No. (Photo:

No. (Photo:

Stay alert, aspiring Glassholes! According to DVice, a pair of jokesters have been roaming the streets of Amsterdam pretending to wear the future’s newest face computer when it’s just a lame knock-off created from a 3D printer.

So called “new media artist” (read: Art Institute graduate) Sander Veenhof and his friend were caught trolling techies in the Dutch city– pretending to skip the 8,000-person line and showing off their fake futuristic devices. However, judging by the pictures, the “Glass” they were wearing are (created by Ultimaker 3D printer) looked more like something you’d find at the bottom of a cereal box.

The fake Glass blueprints are available online if you want to look like one of those terrible tweens who wear the 3D glasses that they got from Avatar around unironically to school.