If You Can Mackerel Here, You Can Mackerel Anywhere: Another Dolphin Joins Friend in East River Jaunt

Greenpoint dolphin (YouTube)

Greenpoint dolphin (YouTube)

You know, we’re starting to think it’s not a coincidence that all these dolphins have started showing up in New York’s bodies of (filthy) water. After all, in the past decade there’s been an uptick in marine life just kind of moseying into our rivers and canals, mostly with tragic results.

But this weekend’s sighting of not one but two bottlenose dolphins in the East River–both apparently in fine health, from what experts can see–shows that maybe the creatures can survive in these unsanitary conditions … at least for a little while. Which is pretty perfect metaphor for college students’ NYC migration habits, when you think about it.

Gothamist has a full report on the dual dolphins, who have been confused for the same dolphin, since they seem to be keeping their distance from each other. But look! Here’s one near Greenpoint:

And here’s another one heading up to Harlem just off of Asphalt Green:

Technically we can’t see the difference, and since the videos were taken three days apart, we’ll just have to rely on the words of the experts for now. Keep healthy, dolphins!