Forget the Rolexes and Handbags: Everyone’s Judging You Based on Your iPhone

Also, teens freaking love their mobile devices.

All trying to impress each other right now.

All trying to impress each other right now.

Once upon a time, status-seekers relied on signifiers like nice watches, swanky automobiles and handbags that cost as much as a car. But according to Quartz, times have changed: Now men and women worldwide think it’s their cell phones everyone notices first.

BRB, running to the Apple store.

A company called Vuclip surveyed folks in more than a dozen countries, asking them to reveal “The first thing people notice about me.” 61 percent of men said it was their cell phone. 38 percent of women said the same thing, ranking cell phones first but by a narrower margin.

However, the most dedicated device owners were–surprise, surprise!–teenaged girls. A whopping 82 percent of female respondents under 18 put their cells first. Maybe that’s why, as the Pew Institute reports today, more teens than ever own smartphones and use them as their primary means of accessing the Internet.

Clearly, times have changed since those dumb Burberry mini-purses were the ne plus ultra of high school queen bees.