Man Arrested for ‘Trafficking’ 42,000 lbs. of Stolen Cheese Off the Jersey Turnpike

Veniamin, Balika (N.J. State Police Photo)

Veniamin, Balika (N.J. State Police Photo)

What a Muenster!

A 34-year old Illinois man was arrested Monday on the New Jersey Turnpike. His crime? Selling 42,000 pounds of stolen cheese at a Bergen County rest area.

We kid you not: Veniamin Balika was arrested trying to traffic 1,135 cases of cheese allegedly pilfered from Pasture Pride Cheese in Wisconsin, valued at $200,000.

“He was charged with receiving stolen property and fencing,” New Jersey State Police Sergeant Adam Grossman told

Pasture Pride owner, Kevin Everhart, told that Mr. Balika “came in as if he was picking up a shipment.” He even had the proper-looking paperwork.

Smooth as fondue, Mr. Balika was released on Wednesday after having posted his bail.

Clearly the bridge and tunnel crowd has caught on to the perils of cheese-napping, but where will these sinister thieves strike next?