Morning Media Meal

(Screengrab: YouTube).

(Screengrab: YouTube).

Bon matin. Here’s your morning media roundup.

Michael Shapiro, a journalism professor at Columbia University, is raising money on Kickstarter–what a surprise–to launch a new media start-up that focuses on long-form stories originally rejected by other publications, Capital New York reports.

How do you solve a problem like alt-weeklies? With the recent death of the Boston Phoenix, it’s a pressing question. Rachael Daigle investigates.

Will Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin have their own TV series? According to Deadline, the two shot a pilot at the CNN studios in the Time Warner Center yesterday, though it’s too early to tell.

Vice has close to 1,000 employees, writes Keith J. Kelly, and the hipster media conglomerate will be featured in The New Yorker next week. Until that story is published, you can read our Vice profile, in this week’s Observer.

“I believe hashtags are aesthetically damaging,” writes Daniel Victor, a staff editor for social media at The New York Times. “I believe a tweet free of hashtags is more pleasing to the eye, more easily consumed, and thus more likely to be retweeted (which is a proven way of growing your audience).”