On the Market: Check Out Carrie Bradshaw’s Floorplan; Eccentric Apartments Are a Tough Sell; Broken Angel House Eviction Delayed

Inside the Explorer’s Club mansion on the UES. [Gothamist]
Soho House pens letter to LES, insists it’s a calm, inclusive space for creative types. [Lo-Down]
Bronx rent disputes favor landlords, according to new report. [WSJ]
Greenpoint poultry slaughterhouse flies the coop, neighbors rejoice. [DNAinfo]
Jed Walentas: if you don’t like the new plan for the Domino site, we’ll return to the old one. [Bk Paper]
Lady Gaga spotted house hunting by Lincoln Square, Central Park South. [Post]
And A-Rod, who is also recovering from hip surgery, wants to leave his townhouse. [Post]
Judge rules state’s secret meeting over LICH was illegal, delays closure. [Bk Paper]
Lower MacDougal Street is charming, low-key, but faces development pressure. [WSJ]
Broken Angel house eviction postponed two weeks, block party still on. [Daily News]
How Carrie Bradshaw lived: fictional floorplans revealed. [Gothamist]
Selling an eccentric apartment is not so easy. [Curbed]
Bushwick is getting a “scrappy” vegan bar with an “industrial cozy” interior. [NYT]
Rockaway hipster takeover: First it was tacos, now it’s a wine bar. [CapitalNY]
Astoria Park’s broken waterfountains leave residents thirsty. [DNAinfo]