On the Market: Could You Live In 40 Square Feet? NYU Faculty Get Generous Housing Benefits; Homelessness Surges In New York City

What it’s like to live in a 40-square-foot Hong Kong apartment. [Atlantic Cities]
Michael Bloomberg and 70 other billionaire New Yorkers make Forbes’ $$$ list. [Crain’s]
Some apartment buyers still yearn for the one that got away. [NYT]
Pinkberry pods ready for trash pickup in St. Mark’s. [EV Grieve]
New York’s homeless population has grown 73 percent since 2002. [WSJ]
Work begins at Hunters Point affordable housing complex. [Curbed]
Toll Brothers’ Park Avenue project means bricked up windows for neighbors. [WSJ]
Lavish housing benefits go to NYU faculty past and present. [NYT]
One dollar pizza war heats up on First Avenue. [EV Grieve]
Broken Angel house owner will fight to the end, or March 15. [Daily News]
A Queens historical society helps Great Gatsby film with set design. [DNAinfo]
Construction dumpster at Harlem’s Hamilton Theater. Condos can’t be far behind. [Harlem Bespoke]
Big retail chains are scouting Bed-Stuy in neighborhood “revival”/the beginning of the end). [WSJ]