On the Market: Hotel Chelsea Loses Heat and Hot Water; Vinegar Hill Hates Bicyclists; Fraudster’s Park Avenue Pad Sells For $18 M.

Aging TV actress locks herself in Southhamptons mansion, refuses to leave. [Post]
Looking back at famous rendezvous point, the Biltmore Hotel. [NYT]
Beleaguered Hotel Chelsea residents lose heat, hot water and cooking gas. [DNAinfo]
Vinegar Hill residents don’t want bikers on their quaint, cobblestone streets. [Bk Paper]
Not to be deterred, cyclists are also agitating for a bike lane to cross the Gowanus. [Bk Paper]
Meanwhile, Gowanus is finally ripe for full-blown gentrification. [TRD]
Artisanal, Brooklyn-made matzoh sells for twice the price on the UES. [Daily News]
Construction spending in city hits 4-year high, exceeding $30 billion. [Crain’s]
Checking out Bravo host Andy Cohen’s apartment in the West Village. [NYT]
Opulent Park Avenue spread of convicted fraudster Hassan Nezamee sells for $18 M. [TRD]
New York Presbyterian is planning $1 billion in new projects. [Crain’s]
Foreclosure proceedings delay rehabs for distressed Bronx apartments . [Daily News]