Other Things You Can Spend $1,000 On Besides a Chocolate Egg

Sugar & Plumm's chocolate egg: Only costs a grand! (SugarandPlumm.com)

Sugar & Plumm’s chocolate egg: Only costs a grand! (SugarandPlumm.com)

Sugar and Plumm (Purveyors of Yumm!), a chocolatier on the Upper West Side, has created a 3-foot tall candy egg for Easter. It is made out of S&P’s s iganture dark, milk and white chocolates, weighs 20 pounds, and still manages to look pretty unappetizing. All that, and for the low, low price of one thousand dollars??! SOLD!

(No, not sold.) Here’s what we’d actually like spend our imaginary money on.

1. 2,500 pieces of Matzos (not for Passover):

2. 4,800 Peeps. (Don’t eat them all at once, it’ll make you nauseous):

3. 1,785 baby chicks:

4. 217 pounds of chocolate (for liquifying):

5. A diamond ring: