Razor-Wielding Williamsburg Man Arrested With $55 Worth of Cheese Down His Pants

#25 - cheeseHe’s no gouda!

A 51-year old man with $55 worth of cheese hidden in his pants was arrested last week in a Brooklyn supermarket after a store clerk tried to stop him, according to the Brooklyn Paper.

The man was stopped in a market in the heart of Williamsburg (Broadway between Hooper and Keap) at 2 in the afternoon after an employee saw him stuff large blocks of cheese in his pants.

Cops reported that the cheese-napper pulled out a razor blade when approached by staff. The employees quickly called for reinforcements and the man was arrested. It is unclear if the cheese was returned.

While we encourage Williamsburg residents to remain on alert, it should be noted that queso-clepto is neither hip nor exclusive. According to a previously conducted study by the U.K.’s Centre for Retail Research, cheese has held the title of most stolen food in the world since like, 2011. Put that in your pants and steal it.