The Russian Orthodox Church Wants Its Followers to Lay Off the Damn Social Media for Lent

It "clogs the brain and soul."

You might miss Kimmie's new bangs, though. (Photo: Instagram)

You might miss Kimmie’s new bangs, though. (Photo: Instagram)

It’s almost time for Lent in the Russian Orthodox church, and this year, the faithful are being asked to give up a little something extra. The Guardian reports that spokesman Vsevolod Chaplin is now urging followers to forgo social media for the next few weeks, as a way of cleansing the soul.

You mean keeping up with Kim Kardashian’s Instagram isn’t conducive to quiet contemplation?

The Guardian says

“I don’t mean just people who use depraved, entertaining, stupid and empty information,” Chaplin said. “Even useful information, that relates to our work and well-meaning interests, clogs the brain and soul too much.”

But don’t think the church is wholly anti-Internet. Just recently the head of the church himself, Patriarch Kirill, told a bunch of bishops they need to step up their online game:

“When a person makes a query on church life in an Internet search engine, he finds a lot of lies, hypocrisy and hatred,” the patriarch said, the news agency RIA-Novosti reported. “Blogs, social networks – all offer new opportunities for Christian testimony.”

We eagerly await those Snapchats.