To Do Friday: Hold a Candle

hf_c_large-color-baiesDiptyque, maker of those fancy French candles that have been around since 1961 and which everyone including disgraced designer John Galliano did a limited edition for, is having a sample sale where you can score some hand-crafted candles at majorly discounted prices. There will not be candles by Monsieur Galliano (his scent was “discontinued,” like his current fashion career), but you will be able to score our favorite: “Baies Noire,” which comes in a Goth-like black glass and smells like roses and blackcurrants and usually costs 90 bucks. But please buy Diptyque candles for personal use only, as nothing screams “I don’t care” than giving a candle as a birthday present.

Diptyque Sample Sale, 225 Fifth Avenue, 9am-3pm.