This Vine ‘Teaser Trailer’ for Wolverine Just Gave Us a Seizure

Shut it down.

Jazz hands. (Photo: Flickr)

Jazz hands. (Photo: Flickr)

Hugh Jackman’s constipation face.  Hugh Jackman’s massive pecs. Hugh Jackman’s yelling face. Now look! Hugh Jackman is flying, somehow. Oh, and a hashtag. That’s what you see in (possibly?) the world’s first Vine-based teaser for a movie trailer for The Wolverine, an epic film about a shirtless Mr. Jackman racing to brunch before his reservation window expires.

Much like the world’s first Vine resume, which we weren’t particularly keen on either, there is precious little need to create a trailer for another trailer. However, shouts to the 20th Century Fox social media intern who just scored Klout point with his bosses. The full trailer debuts Wednesday night on MTV, hopefully with less of a headache.

Since Twitter hasn’t made any usable features (like embedding) for Vine yet, you’re just going to have click here to feel the pain.